About Us

Rogues are driven to succeed and are genius on demand with unmatched creative solutions. Headed by two veterans of the creative and advertising industry, Tayyaba Arshad and Arshad Aslam with backgrounds of McCann & Ogilvy. Rogues are here to deliver.

Dubai's very own award-winning and world record breaking creative agency is here! Having worked with some of the world's largest brands as well as various SME's, RogueINK is now offering its creative services globally with streamlined associates and dedicated teams in various regions.

Featured Clients

We have worked with some of the world's biggest brands.

Meet Our Team

Each individual plays a great role in the development of our company. All their contributions are more worth than gold making them an invaluable asset to the company.

Tayyaba Arshad

Managing Director

Tayyaba moved to Dubai in 2001 as part of McCann Worldgroup's global ad agency Fortune Promoseven Mcann. After a few years of lending creative genius to several worldwide brand advertising campaigns, the intrepid designer went Rogue and eventually, after heading a publication house for 4 years, Tayyaba started her finest creation RogueINK in 2010 and hasn't looked back - even leading the agency to many publication design award and it's first World Record Breaking success with technology brand SHARP. Our agile agency has a range of global clients and a host of skill-sets amongst its assets. When not at the head of a diverse bunch of Rogues, Tayyaba likes to …..?? Lets ask her.

Arshad Aslam

Creative Director

RogueINK's Creative Director Arshad is a Rock Star of the advertising world. He has won several Advertising awards. Our great concept engine is the Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy Pakistan - a position he still holds in tandem with RogueINK. Arshad brings a wealth of experience, and has created and shot many famous brand films for Pepsi, Coca Cola, Nestle etc. in various locations around the world for global release. When he isn't jet-setting round the world, Arshad enjoys gymnastics, wing-walking and riding empty desert highways on his mean Harley.

Abbas Murtaza


A dynamic professional and a powerhouse of energy and humor; there is never a dull moment around this Rogue. He looks after financial side and many other platforms where RogueINK is presented.
He has introduced many tie-up for RogueINK globally and currently he is working on investment to diversify into other areas of business.
If all else is going well, food becomes serious matter to him… he might also love horse riding and adventure rides.

Shahrukh Rogue

Senior Digital Developer

Meet our Senior Digital Developer Shahrukh Sidiki - this Rogue may just save your life. With the sharpshooter skills of a refined archer, our digital go-to-guy overseas our digital projects with the passion and precision of a creative OCD marksman. Honing his skills at University of Karachi & Arena Multimedia, he then went on to add flair to the online presence of several leading brands before moving to Dubai in 2013 where he worked on various digital campaigns. When he isn't painting with pixels, you'll find Shahrukh hanging out on The Palm, practicing the nose-flute or furiously trying to invent the hoverboard.

Roya Rogue

Administration Manager

Meet Roya! She is quirky & candid. She loves Monitoring the implementation of HR policies and procedures being followed by managers and staff. Having years of experience in Administration, HR along with Customer Service she fits right into the roll. This Rogue is a professional at filling the agency with joy whilst keeping on top of several important projects, documents, staff facilitation and agency requirements. She never fails to bring a unique and vibrant flair to her work and it makes all the difference! Roya loves Long Drives, Meditation and listening to Music. She is a passive approach for skilled dreamer full of unlimited possibilities. We look forward to everything she does in RogueINK!

Razzaq Rogue

Transport Supervisor

Razzaq Rogue our Transportation Supervisor directly oversees the daily activities, workload and personnel of organizations that rely heavily on vehicle use in the course of their normal operations.
This Rogue is worth his presence to be weigh in gold because he maximize operational efficiency while minimizing time consumed through his expert driving skill. Be it day or night this Rogue has not learnt to say NO to any task given to him. He takes out his Ferrari and speeds off to fulfil his goal.